Tennis Elbow Recovery (My Experience)

recovery time tennis elbow

This is a first-hand description of an athlete that suffered tennis elbow due to an injury during their sport.

The injury likely includes an actual injury event and chronic overuse. This is a very common scenario when diagnosing tennis elbow.

Below, we will outline how to determine the severity of tennis elbow, what you can do to treat tennis elbow, and provide some opinions on when you should seek a physician for assistance in treating and recovering from tennis elbow or a similar elbow injury

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Abductor Muscle Injury (My Experience)

abductor injury inside of leg

How did you hurt your abductor muscle?  

I train martial arts and I came in particularly cold one day. I did not warm-up or stretch properly before we started class. I’m actually not sure when I sustained the abductor muscle injury, but in between sparring rounds I noticed that the inside part of my leg was very sore.

I couldn’t really tell what movements bothered it the most, so I chalked it up to just not being warm yet.

Unfortunately, after I cooled down following activity, I realized that I had sustained a bit of an injury.

There was no bruising or exterior marks; however, it was painful to bring my knees together. It was even slightly irritating to get in and out of my car; due to swinging my legs in and out.

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Rolled my Ankle and Heard a Pop

sprained ankle audible pop

sprained ankle audible pop

This is a first-hand description from an athlete that suffered a sprained ankle and heard an audible “pop”. This is a very common scenario, both inside and outside of athletic activities. Diagnosing and treating an ankle sprain after hearing a pop is subject almost totally to the severity of symptoms following the injury.

Below, we will outline how to determine the severity of the sprained ankle, select sprained ankle treatment protocols, provide some opinions on when you should seek a physician’s help, and what possible next steps there are when a sprained ankle could be something much more serious.

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Dislocated Shoulder Recovery (My Experience)

dislocated shoulder dislocation

Think you might have dislocated your shoulder? Even if your shoulder has been popped back in already, you may still be suffering from the effects of the injury.

dislocated shoulder dislocation

Below, we’ll share an interview with a patient that experienced a confirmed shoulder separation. The patient shares their injury experience, their recovery from a shoulder dislocation, and the timeline of the injury.

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Stem Cell Therapy (My Experience

stem cell therapy knee

Stem Cell Therapy Testimonial (Knee, Ankle, & Shoulder)

Stem cell therapy is becoming a more and more popular treatment option for joint and tissue injuries of all shapes and sizes. Early research for these therapies has proved very promising for athletes from all different walks of life. Many have started experimenting with stem cell injections as a means of treating knee, ankle, and should injuries.

stem cell therapy testimonial

Most of the information on stem cell therapy injections out there is either research-based or off of the website of a physician that offers the injections. There haven’t been a lot of real stem cell therapy testimonials from athletes available online.

In the article below, we’ll share a real athlete’s actual injury diagnosis, treatment, and recovery using stem cell injections in their knee, ankle, and shoulder.

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