Best Hinged Knee Brace

Our mobility has a huge impact on how we live our daily lives. When we can’t move like we normally would it changes how we travel, how we exercise, and how we interact with the world around us.

Knee and leg injuries can cause serious changes, but luckily there are products that lessen their pain and ease the difficulties they cause.

Best Hinged Knee Brace

Knee braces are a simple and effective way to improve mobility and alleviate some of the pressure knee injuries can bring. 

Want to lessen the burden? Here’s a look at the 10 best hinged knee braces on the market, and why they’re the best choice for you. You’ll also find a buyer’s guide that’s packed with information on what to keep in mind when making your decision.

Best Overall: Shock Doctor Maximum Support Compression Hinged Knee Brace

This brace is an all-rounder, providing great support and stability to your knee without restricting movement. This brace keeps your knee securely in place to aid recovery and prevent pain or further injury. 

The adjustable straps let you fit the brace tightly without cutting off circulation, and the material is both antimicrobial and maximizes airflow to keep you feeling fresh all day. The heavy-duty hinges are built to last, while also allowing a free range of movement. 


  • Airflow and antimicrobial materials keep the brace fresh even during prolonged use 
  • Easily adjustable and flexible design so you can stay protected without impeding movement 


  • Sizing varies, and you may need to size up if you’re at the upper end of your size range 

Most Discreet: Copperjoint Knee Compression Sleeve Pro 

Looking for something more subtle? This form-fitting brace lies flush with your leg so you can wear it under regular clothes without having to worry about any bulk or lumps. 

The slick and discreet design doesn’t compromise with its support, however, and is ideal for wearing during sports due to its flexibility and breathability.

In fact, the copper-nylon material helps promote blood flow to your knee, so you can work out without worry. 


  • Incredibly flexible and stretchy, grants the support needed while still allowing free movement and mobility 
  • Non-intrusive, can be worn under trousers without being bulky or noticeable 


  • Sizes as advertised can be too small, you may need to buy a size up 
  • The top of the brace can roll down and cause discomfort 

Most Practical: Neenca Adjustable Compression Support Brace 

Want something lowkey that does the job and does it well? Then this is the brace for you. Its contoured gel pads keep the patella comfortable and secure, while the hinges and elastic compression fabric significantly reduce the pressure to the knee joint. Need less support? 

The brace’s hinges are detachable to give you improved mobility while still providing the necessary stability for your knee. Additionally, this brace is made of a breathable and odor-reducing material with adjustable straps that ensure maximum comfort. 


  • Detachable hinges make it multipurpose, so you can get the right amount of support you need at any time 
  • Comfortable and flexible fit allows you to move easily without any chaffing or restricted mobility 
  • Great stability and security for your knee, you don’t need to worry about any slipping or sliding 


  • Some reviews report the brace having a lingering chemical smell

Best for Support: Vive Hinged Knee Brace 

This knee brace is a great choice for day-to-day use. Suitable for all situations, its removable hinges can be taken out easily if you need less support and want more movement, and can be replaced for times when more stability is necessary. 

The soft padding gives extra support and stability around the knee joint, while its lightweight and breathable material keeps the knee cool and dry.

Its soft, non-slip material prevents any pinching or rubbing, and is completely latex and silicone free. A great choice for anyone experiencing knee problems. 


  • Contains no latex or silicon, so you don’t have to worry about allergies 
  • Removable hinges and adjustable straps ensure comfort and support for any situation 
  • Soft material marries comfort and support 


  • The brace is quite bulky and can’t be worn under clothing, and also somewhat restricts movement 

Most “Sporty”: Modvel Knee Brace (2 Pack) 

What better way to ensure your joints are protected than having two knee braces? This brace comes in a pack of two, so you can have a spare to hand or a matching pair if both knees need compression. Breathable and sleek, this brace is ideal for sports and exercise. 

Its ergonomic design lets the wearer move freely while its comfortable material provides breathability that’s perfect at preventing sweat build-up. What’s more, its form-fitting tube design is great at preventing slipping and sliding even during the bounciest workouts. 


  • 2 Pack ensures you always have a brace spare, or a matching pair if you need two braces 
  • Sleek, mobile, and breathable, this brace is perfect for wearing during sports 


  • Non-adjustable, can only be worn if the fit suits you 

Most Durable: Shock Doctor 872 Knee Brace 

Another great offering from Shock Doctor, this knee brace is extremely durable and comfortable, while still giving great support to your knee. The additional padding around the patella helps stabilize the kneecap. 

The strong and stretchable mesh at the back makes the brace comfortable and mobile, as well as preventing pinching. Built to last, the durable neoprene sleeve and strong aluminium hinges ensure the brace will serve you well for years to come. 


  • Great support and comfort, the padded front is stable and secure, while the mesh back gives great mobility and prevents pinching 
  • Made with very durable materials, the aluminium hinges and neoprene sleeve can withstand consistent everyday wear and tear 


  • Sizing chart is inaccurate, if you’re at the higher range of a size you’re better off getting a size up 

Most “Flashy”: Jiufentian Copper Knee Brace with Patella Gel Pads and Side Stabilizers 

Why settle for simple? This striking brace uses a flexible copper-nylon and cushioning gel pads to combine comfort, mobility, and protection for your knee.

The gel anti-slip strips are a comfortable alternative to straps, and the double-sided spring stabilizers ensure your knee stays stable without sacrificing your movement.

The sleeve design is warm and easy to put on, while the copper-nylon and latex silk material is both breathable and durable. 


  • Gel anti-slip strips are more comfortable and effective than straps, keeping the brace secure without any chaffing 
  • Padding around the patella increases comfort and support, while spring stabilizers on the sides keep your knee secure 


  • Contains silicon, rubber, and latex, so you should avoid this brace if you’re allergic to any of these materials  

Most Heavy Duty: Orthomen Hinged ROM Knee Brace

The most severe knee injuries need the most dependable support. This brace is easily adjustable and is versatile to the wearer’s specific needs. The no-tools adjustment lets you change the fit at any point, quickly and easily. 

Adjust the length, tightness, hinges and frame to what suits you best, and switch between full immobilization and completely free movement by locking or unlocking the frame.

This specialized knee brace provides incredible support, and is mainly targeted towards patients who have severe knee issues or are recovering from knee surgery.

You may not need a brace such as this for minor joint pain and discomfort, but if you’re suffering from greater issues this is the brace for you. 


  • Fully adjustable to provide the ideal support for each wearer, and the tool-free adjustment allows customization with ease 
  • Can lock and unlock the brace to either stabilize the knee or provide full mobility 


  • Specific uses, not a one-size-fits-all brace 

Most Comfortable: Athledict Hinged Knee Brace

Another brace that proves that protection shouldn’t get in the way of your movement, this brace from Athledict is fully adjustable for the support level you need. 

It also sports removable hinges that can be taken out when more mobility is required, additional cushioning at the back of the knee, and a durable design that prevents the hinges tearing through the material.

Still not convinced? This brace also comes with a lifetime warranty against damage.  


  • Hinges are easy to remove and don’t pinch the back of the leg 
  • Durable material prevents hinges from tearing, and comes with a lifetime guarantee 
  • Adjustable dependent on the required support needed, to provide the best comfort for you 


  • Has no instructions on how to put on or how to remove hinges, which can lead to improper use 

Best for Ease of Use: TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

This simple yet effective design can be put on and adjusted in seconds. Made out of lightweight and breathable materials, the brace also has non-slip silicone strips that keep the brace in place without the need to adjust it throughout the day.

Compact and flexible, you can easily store this brace in your backpack, handbag or gym bag to take with you on the go. 

And, with a range of sizes to choose from, you never have to settle for an ill-fitting knee brace. However, this brace doesn’t provide the most amount of padding, so doesn’t offer the same protection as other braces on this list. 


  • Simple design makes this brace easy to put on and adjust 
  • Breathable moisture-wicking material prevents brace from getting sweaty even over prolonged wearing 
  • Non-slip silicone strips keep the brace in place all day 


  • Silicon strips can cause irritation to people with allergies 
  • Not as much padding and support as other braces, not the best choice for major knee issues  

Buyer’s Guide 

When looking for the best hinged knee brace for you, there’s a lot to consider. With plenty of brands, styles, and features to choose from, it can be overwhelming.

To make it a little easier, here are some things to consider when picking out your hinged knee brace. 


There’s several different styles and designs of knee braces, and these can serve different purposes.

If you’re not sure of the right fit for you, have a think of what you’ll be needing it for. Styles like a sleeve or with improved non-slip designs will be better for an athlete than other styles. 

Some knee braces have detachable hinges that can be removed when less support is needed, so if you want to have stability all day but only need full support at certain times then this may be the choice for you.

When choosing a style, consider your needs before filtering out the features you want. 

Comfort vs Mobility 

One of the primary uses for a hinged knee brace if providing stability and support to your knee. As part of this, most braces are going to inhibit your movement to an extent. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing comfort. 

The best knee braces on the market perfectly balance ergonomics with functionality. If you’re looking into buying a brace, chances are you want something you can wear for prolonged periods.

Many of the braces on this list use breathable materials to prevent sweat build-up, and several of them also use antimicrobial or odor-reducing materials to keep the brace fresh all day. 

Padding is also crucial, especially around the knee, so make sure the brace you choose has comfortable padding in the knee area (as a quick warning, if you have any allergies to latex or silicon there are plenty of braces without these materials you can find). 

Balancing free motion with secure padding can be difficult, so if you’re looking for a brace to wear during exercise, you’re better off looking for a brace with more flexible materials or with removable hinges. You don’t have to let your brace restrict you. Balance your recovery with your leisure! 

Pricing and Brands 

As is the case with any product, some knee braces are pricier than others. Whether it’s the quality or the features of the brace, or just down to branding, it can be tricky to navigate. 

Try looking at the reviews and the product information before your purchase – there are plenty of reasonably priced braces that offer the same support and comfort as one made by a premium brand. 

There’s no need to shell out for a logo; a good knee brace is determined by the quality of the product, not the brand name associated with it. 


Not everyone is going to need the most high-end brace on the market. If you’re only looking for some support while working out to protect your joints, you’ll be better off looking for a brace designed for that purpose. 

However, if you’re recovering from knee surgery or have a major issue with your knee, there are many hinged knee braces that are specialised for this.

While some of the medical models are slightly more expensive, there are models that still provide the support you need for recovery without breaking the bank.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a hinged knee brace do? 

Hinged knee braces are a way to stabilize and secure the knee joint during recovery from injuries.

Wearing a hinged knee brace keeps the knee in place, reduces pressure to the knee, and prevents the joint from moving too much and causing further damage to the joint and muscles. 

How do I fit a hinged knee brace?  

The fitting process may differ slightly from brace-to-brace, so its important to pay attention to the sizing and fitting information provided with the brace.

Too tight and you may cut off circulation or damage your knee further, too loose and your knee won’t be getting the support it needs.

If your brace doesn’t come with fitting instructions, a straightforward way to check if the fit works is to walk around for a short while.

There shouldn’t be any slipping or numbness while wearing your brace, and you should be able to fit two fingers under the strap. 

Should I take my brace off when I go to bed? 

Do not wear a hinged knee brace to bed. While there are alternatives for use while sleeping, you shouldn’t wear a knee brace overnight while asleep as this can damage your knee further.

Always wear your knee brace as recommended by your doctor or the manufacturer. 

Can I wear my brace all day? 

It depends on what your orthopaedist or physiotherapist says. Overuse of a brace can actually cause further damage or pain, especially if the brace is worn improperly.

However, if your doctor recommends it or says there isn’t an issue, there is no problem with wearing a brace all day. Just make sure not to wear it to bed. 

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